Posted 2009. 12. 10. 00:16
I arrived ROMA on schedule.
After I left SEOULl, I transfered the airport via MUNICH, so it took long time of 12 hours to arrive Roma. Neverthless I got over my jet lag. Because I was looking forward this trip very much.

I had asked zia and zio to meet me at the airport, so they came out to greet me.
We went to their house in RONCIGLIONE.

RONCIGLIONE is located in the north of ROMA. It is 50Km from ROMA and 40-minute drive.

The village is antuque and calm.
The street looks like what I have seen in the movie. It was unfamiliar scene for me. fantastic-!

Old rail road whitch was closed-throgh the window in the kitchen

Zia is good at cook. She know a lot of recipes about spaghetti, pizza and other italian food.
She prepared some pasta for dinner. Unfortunately I forgot its name. It looks like bean=paste soup whitch is the most popular korean food.
I added olive oil and wine on it. It was nice. I ate up all the food.

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